Guidance for uploading to the gallery

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Kay S
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Guidance for uploading to the gallery

Post by Kay S »

HI, I just joined this forum a few days ago and just posted my first layout to the gallery. Unfortunately, there is three copies of the same layout. Every time I hit the submit button, I got a server timed out message, so I kept trying. Also, how do you link from the gallery to the challenge threads? I wound up just copying and pasting the url.
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Re: Guidance for uploading to the gallery

Post by Mariscrap »

hi Kay,
I deleted your 3 same layouts.
When you post a layout, you don't need to "copy to another category" directly the right one. I don't know why it appeared 3 times

Secondly, when you want to add a image on a post in the forum, you need to write the image's adress between [img]blabla[/img]

To have directly those IMG with brakets, click on the button IMG , on the top of each thread, and after copy your image adress.

At least, to get your image adress, don't copy the webadress, on the top of your navigator...but right click on the image, and select "copy image adress"...and not copy image.

FEll free to ask if needed, it's hard to explain...if I have tomorrow i will made a video tutorials
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