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Mystery Scraps

MessagePublié: 04 Mai 2018, 09:08
par lieke

My designername is Mystery Scrap.
I am not new in the designerworld...but started new with new products.
When I started to design it was 2013 so it is this year 5 years ago....a bit slow when you have 6 products in store :lol:
But no, I made much much more.
This year I decided to start fresh I needed to because I did remove all my products from my pc...
I did not throw a party after that but it cleared my head.
So from now on all products are all brand new.

It is nice to be back.


Re: Mystery Scraps

MessagePublié: 15 Mai 2018, 19:30
par Mariscrap
Welocme back my sweet friend :-)